Disposable Fork Mould

Our factory 1. Q: Which kinds of mould is UnionL specialized in? A: Union is specialized in plastic injection mould, especailly the crate/basket mould ,chair/stool mould,and spoon mould. We made more than 80 sets mould and spoon mould every year, both for abroad and Local China. 2. Q: Can union...
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Product Details






Mould Steel


Plastic material



45#, 50#, P20, 2738, 718H, H13 etc

Ejection system

Ejector pin/Enjector plate/By air

Surface treatment


Design time 

Within 7days

Mould life


Mould base



Our factory



1. Q:Which kinds of mould is UnionL specialized in?

A:Union is specialized in plastic injection mould, especailly the crate/basket mould ,chair/stool mould,and spoon mould. 

We made more than 80 sets mould and spoon mould every year,  both for abroad and Local China.


2.Q:Can union supply the finished products?

A:Yes, union has some injection machines, and help to make the finished production. Or union can supply only

products if clients do not need the mould.


3.Q:How many workers in union?

A:There are 30 mould workers who have 15+years experience, 4 designer enginners, 20 CNC engineers and workers,etc.


4.Q:Who is main customer in union?

A:union have customers both in China and abroad. union have supplied plastic injection mould to India,Pakistan, Iran, 

Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia,South Africa,Algeria, Bangladesh, Turkey, Spain,Brazil, Poland, Peru, Colombia, Argentina,etc.

We are always looking for new customer all over the world. Hope  you are becoming our next customer.


5. Q:What about the payment in union?

A: T/T : 50% of total amount T/T  DEPOSIT 

50% of total amount T/T before shipping.

L/C:  40% of total amount T/T DEPOSIT,

60% of total amount L/C before shipping.


6.Q:What about trail sample in union?

A:We will test the mould before shipping, and send the trail samples to customer for confirmation by flight.


7. Q:What about the delivery time for a mould in union?

A:30-45 days for the small mould, like bucket,small box.

45-60 days for the big mould, like baby chair, stool, crate.

Please noted, we should discuss the delivery time according to  your product.

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